Kemsley Design is a one-person consultancy and independent analyst firm providing services for the strategy, architecture and design of business technologies, including business process management (BPM) aka digital process automation (DPA), enterprise content management (ECM), decision management (DM), analytics and enterprise social software. Services include:

As a consultant for end-customer organizations:

  • Vendor evaluation and comparison.
  • Digital transformation strategy.
  • Enterprise BPM/DPA and ECM strategy, including feasibility and return on investment (ROI).
  • Elicitation and documentation of business requirements.
  • Process discovery and mapping.
  • Content surveys and taxonomy determination.
  • Functional and technical system design and architecture.
  • General (non-product-specific) BPM and ECM training.

 As an industry analyst for BPM vendors:

  • Technical product strategy, including product strengths and weaknesses, and input to future product strategy.
  • Market positioning strategy, including positioning assessment, market comparison, and input to future market strategy.
  • Public/customer education, including white papers, and presentations via webinar or at conferences.

These services are based on my 30-year history in software design and systems/solution architecture in several technology areas, combined with my understanding of business environments and how technology can impact them. For more information, you can view my complete professional bio on LinkedIn, read my opinions at my blog, follow me on Twitter @skemsley or on Mastodon and find books that I’ve helped author on Amazon.

Notes on Disclosure and Client Separation

I maintain the following ethical standards for separation between client engagements:

  • I disclose the names of my vendor clients before engaging with an end-user client, and exclude myself from decision-making in vendor evaluations if any of my vendor clients are involved.
  • Vendor clients are not guaranteed any level of coverage on my blog, since that is not a “pay for play” platform, nor are they guaranteed immunity from my public criticism based on publicly-available information.
  • I do not accept compensation for sales or referrals from any vendor.
  • White papers and presentations created for vendor client engagements will not typically include references to the vendor or their products, except for acknowledgement of sponsorship.
  • I strictly honor non-disclosures, and do not use information gathered under non-disclosure from one client to provide input to any other engagement.